We are excited to see our name in August's issue of In Business Magazine.
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Universal Presentation Concepts

UPC is a 41-year-old manufacturing business founded by Dan Levine. The company works both nationally and internationally to create product-specific displays and racks for retail establishments designed to present products — from surfboards to golf clubs, or appliances to wood flooring — in their best light. “Most of our customers are the manufacturers of the consumer product,” he explains, like Hallmark, for example. Not surprisingly, most turnover involves labor and unskilled workers, and the company is perpetually hiring, yet 60 percent of UPC’s current staff has been with the company 15 years or longer. “We’re a very fun company,” Levine adds. “Our customers are really fun. All of their products are really fun. It’s a fun business, and that’s what helps us a lot. We know that our competition is every employer looking to hire in this community.” Lisa Adkins, director of human resources, says UPC prides itself on several retention perks, including one related to wages. “We ask our employees what they’d like to learn to reach a certain wage, because we want them to stretch themselves.” Full-time employees can participate in a 401(k) plan that offers 50 cents for every dollar contributed up to 6 percent of their salary, and vesting occurs after six years of employment. UPC offers full-time employees the option of choosing from four different health insurance options, including a no-deductible plan that, in Adkins’ words, is “pretty unheard of,” and an employee assistance program that is available starting on the date of hire. Periodically, the company brings local advisors in to provide financial or insurance information and counseling to employees, and each year, UPC hires a vendor to administer flu shots on site, whether or not they subscribe to the company’s insurance plan. On a monthly or quarterly basis, employees with perfect attendance are entered into fun drawings that can result in significant cash prizes, or items such as a large-screen TV, mountain bike, or grill. As a motivation, the prizes are often on display in the company’s break area to sweeten their interest. Levine says managerial candidates at UPC can write their own ticket. “I tell them that from day one. If they want to be the president, go for it! We don’t care. We don’t have seniority here.”In addition to numerous cookoffs and celebrations for safety records (hours worked with no lost time), each Thanksgiving, the company sends every employee home with a frozen turkey to share with their family. “We hire families, not individuals,” Levine states. “Our highest level of
management wants to provide things for our employees that they want for themselves — quality of life, financial gain, retirement, and fun in life. That’s transcended since day one.”



Welcome to UPC, the industry leader in the design & manufacturing of quality fixtures and displays for the consumer product industry.